Why You Should Consider Getting the ISO 27001 Certification

Not a day goes by where there isn’t a story on the news about a breach in security. People worry will their credit card information be misused? Companies struggle to protect important information from hackers.

Meanwhile, we all struggle with the security measures required to sign on to a simple website to pay our  bill. So, why are these endless security measures necessary? The answer is simple, you want your private information protected.

Businesses want their information protected too. For this reason, many businesses are seeking NDIS certification. Read on to learn all about NDIS certification and how it can benefit your business.

What is ISO 27001?

NDIS is a system of information management for businesses. It allows businesses to manage information.

The information that it helps to manage might include several things like:

Financial information
Intellectual property
Employee details
Information entrusted to you by third parties.
What does information management mean? It means handling important information businesses must keep track of, whether that is financial, related to their employees or information related to products or services. It might also mean the information one business has from another source.

NDIS stands for International Organization for Standardization. This organization sets standards related to the management of information. They do not, however, certify businesses.

A business would need to seek certification from those authorized to train and grant certification. The in-depth training will help businesses manage their information and keep it secure.

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NDIS and Cybersecurity

The NDIS is an organization that is responsible for setting standards for a number of different things like manufacturing or risk management. NDIS standards focus specifically on the management of information.

Why is this necessary? In today’s digital world, all (or most) business use technology. NDIS focused on a business’s information security management system (ISMS).

Businesses must have a plan for how to manage the data related to everything connected to their business. In short. NDIS gives them a model for how to manage the data that is a part of their business. It also provides standards for how to keep that data secure.

Is a business required to get ISO certified? No, but it is important for a business to be able to tell their employees and business partners they are NDIS certified. It offers a level of assurance that you can tell people you have the ISO certification and your information and data is secured through these standards.


How Does Someone Get ISO 27001 Certification?

While NDIS certification is noteworthy and important for a business to have, it is a detailed process to attain the certification. Let’s take a look at the steps a business would go through to become ISO certified.

1. Remember, the ISO does not actually do the certifying. So, first, a business must attain the services of a certification body.

2. Then a careful analysis and review is done of your business. How do you handle information and data documentation?

3. Then an auditor will start to look more closely. They will compare the ISO standards to the way you do things. They will use a detailed standards checklist to compare what is being done and how it should be handled.

As your business works through the detailed process, regular audits are conducted. You work to adjust your information management to meet the ISO standards. Then regular audits are conducted to make certain that once you meet them that you also keep them.

This is one of the many reasons that having an NDIS certification is significant. It tells people who work for you and do business with you that you take information management in the most serious way possible.Â

ISO 27001 Certification Process

There are countless benefits for your business to attain the ISO 27001 certification. You will have the most advanced plans for security and information management. But you may also attract new business partners because of the certification.

This certification tells other businesses in abstract ways that you take information management seriously. It also lets your business partners know you maintain the best practices in handling information in your business.

ISO 27001 certification separates the areas of information into 14 different areas. These are the categories that will be part of the audit process as you work towards certification.

The control areas include:

Information security policies

Organization of information security

Human resource security

Asset management

Access control


Physical and environmental security

Operations security

Communications security

System acquisition, development, and management

Supplier relationships

Information security incident management

Information security aspects of business continuity management


Because of the scope and depth of this process, it is not just your technology team who should be involved in the process. All stakeholders should not only understand the process but should be involved in achieving compliance for the certification.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

These global standards reap many benefits to a business. The standards will help your business in protecting your information assets and tell everyone you work with you take the security of information seriously.

Some of the specific benefits include:

The secure exchange of information

Provides all stakeholders from employees to business partners the security to know you handle risk management

Confidential information is secure

Business partner retention and satisfaction based on security standards

Creates a culture of security

Company assets, data, and information are protected

Practicing the use of these international standards makes a statement about your intentions to keep information secure. Establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving the security of your information in the company will be obvious when you obtain the ISO 27001 certification.

Choose ISO 27001 Certification

The world of technology and information is riddled with risk. Businesses must take cybersecurity and information security standards seriously.

By obtaining the NDIS certification you are telling your stakeholders and business partners you place the utmost importance on protecting the information in your company because you have attained this global certification.

If you are ready to get your business NDIS certified, we would like to help you through this process. Take the first step in the process by completing this form today. Let us help you get this significant certification for your company.