What our clients say

Throughout the years I have been working with Sustainable Certifications, it has been a thorough enjoyment with a very clear and precise approach to each audit with professional guidance for my business to achieve and sustain our ISO certifications.


 – Stuart Norton-Baker
(Company – Security & Technology Services)

Sustainable has been supportive of our two businesses over the years. Particularly accommodating when health issues have meant audits have needed rescheduling. Their partnership with Neil allows us to have a really wonderful audit experience. He is friendly, giving in knowledge, and his core objective is to help the business perform as best it can. It is refreshing to work with auditors who are looking to add value, are thoughtful and caring and not just ticking and flicking. Thanks guys!


–  Loren Downing
(Company – Sync or Swim (on behalf of Play Force and T & H Levai) )

Obtaining ISO certification can be a daunting process but our experience with Sustainable Certification was so positive, while still rigorous, that we have never regretted taking the journey!


– Rod Woolley
(Company – Solar SG Pty Ltd)

Auditor is always informative and helpful in providing advice on ways to improve our system to in order to reach our company’s goals.


– Crayg Mayo
(Company – Co-Ordinated Landcapes)

My experience has been excellent and Amelia has been extremely understanding and co-operative


–  Joseph Scimone
(Company – JS Consulting)

One of the most life changing experiences I’ve uncounted from a business perspective. Such a knowledgeable auditor who was happy to share his is wisdom with others to better their business. Such a selfless act to help business grow in line with their expectations. Very humbled to have had Sustainable Certification guide us on our journey to evolving our business in compliance withe regulations and the law!


– Mary Massih
(Company – Carrabay Rebar )

Being a small scale CB, Sustainable Certification really cares about their clients. The auditor is very pragmatic, joyous and professional.


– Mukesh
(Company – Valmont and Geyer)

Painless experience, on time, delivered on our expected outcome. Very thorough in the audit process


– John McNab
(Company – Calalba Pty Ltd)

Sustainable Certification made the process a lot less daunting than I have experienced with other companies. The auditor was friendly, and knowledgeable. The office was very prompt with replies and help.


– Patricia Kavanagh
(Company – Corfad Civil and Construction)

Sustainable is extremely reliable. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. They keep you informed as the audit progresses. there are no surprises.


– Michelle Battle
(Company – Savy Civil Pty Ltd)

“To provide value added certification & training services to organisations globally which empower them to deliver sustained excellence, process improvement & increased profitability”

“To be recognised globally as the Certification Body of Choice, helping our customers achieve their goals and objectives while delivering progress through certification and training services”.

To focus on customer progress
To Build strong, supportive relationships
To work collaboratively with all our Stakeholders
To always be clear and responsive in all communications
To Provide efficient and transparent services through our world class technology systems

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Overall we found the process to be easy to follow and the feedback was very relevant to our business. We will have no hesitation in recommending Sustainable Certification . Thank you to Amelia and Ian for their outstanding customer service.

-Karen – Goals A + N-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Needless to say that we were very pleased with the outcome and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sustainable Certification , and your auditor for the professional, efficient and friendly manner in which the audit was conducted.

-Peter – J. Wyndham Prince-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Changing to Sustainable Certification this year has been an easy and cost effective move. The Sustainable Management team have been very helpful and knowledgeable on the products and services and have assisted in making it painless.

-Steven –J.J.Richards Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

We are very grateful to the SC team for helping us reach our certification goal. Thanks Sustainable Certification .

-Bev – Construction Assignments-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Sustainable Certification have always taken the role of support/guide rather than merely acting as a policemen. This in turn adds to our continual improvement of the system.

-Sharlene – PMP Limited-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

I was very impressed with Dave and Sustainable, have done a few of these and this was my best experience so far. Thankyou for your assistance and would highly recommend Sustainable. Will be looking at 4801 soon and want Dave to come back for that.

-Aaron – N.Q Group Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Very professional in dealings and are very satisfied.

-Davis – Capral Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Our appointed auditor offered us very practical advice on our first meeting and made the audit process painless. Our Auditor had previously worked in the industry and therefore had a very good understanding of our business. The report has given us feedback and ideas to help us improve areas of our Quality Management System. It is very valuable to be able to use Sustainable Certification ’s logo and quote their credentials on our marketing and tender submissions. We received quotes from a few auditors and were very satisfied that Sustainable Certification were providing a quality service for a reasonable and fair price. We were very pleased with the outcome of our Quality System audit and we intend to engage Sustainable Certification for future audits.

-Leanne – Williams Ross Architects-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Our Auditor Liam was great in all areas having experience and knowledge of FSC, Engineering, Trades and also key areas of Safety, Quality and Environmental. Quickest audit report we have received. So far our transfer to Sustainable has been great in all aspects of our audit, services provided prior and the changeover has been painless

-Angela – Shaw Contracting-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

We were extremely grateful for the prompt replies we received and the flexible approach taken by SC to meet our requirements at short notice

-Naomi – Pearson Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of doing business with Sustainable Certification through their professional and experienced account manager and through their Lead Auditor who is excellent in providing us effective guidance, adding real value to our processes and systems, and in general making this journey interesting and beneficial to Micromax. We look forward to a long term partnership with the Sustainable Certification team in helping us maintain a high standard in which we can reap real business benefits.

-Anthony Cuoco – Micromax Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Our auditor had a good eye for detail during the inspection of our and review of our records. We consider our external auditor to be a partner in our Systems maintenance / review and would like to maintain the continuity of such in the medium term. Our Account Manager has been very helpful throughout the process since our initial enquiry; her responsiveness and customer service is valued and ultimately secured our business as well as understood our timeframes and clearly directed us to achieve them as efficiently as practicable. The Certification allows us to access work we would otherwise not be considered for, and we consider Sustainable Certification to be professional and therefore happy to display their Certification mark along side our Company logo. We look forward to continuing to work with Sustainable Certification and its contractors into the future.

-Matthew – BridgePro-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Our auditor is great, he always makes positive suggestions that we can use to manage our system or enhance the business. Keep up the great system you have going. It makes auditing easier for businesses.

-Trina – Kalow Holdings Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

Very glad we chose SC, will recommend to all contacts, especially our auditor David.”Joe – Lambert Locations “Our Auditor has worked very hard with us through the audit process. I have been very happy with the process and look forward to an ongoing partnership.

-Grant – EPA-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

It is rare in today’s work environment for an organisation to provide such exemplary and professional service. I am very impressed with the standard of service and the dedication of Sustainable staff to provide excellence in customer service. In addition the lead auditor for the process was excellent. His professional and rigorous approach to the process ensured that PET always strived to reach the high standards set. In doing that the auditor has ensured that there has been significant value added to PET in professional attitude, business system development and cultural change. The senior management of PET were also very impressed with the certification process and appreciative of the thoroughly professional service that the auditor provided. I would not hesitate to recommend Sustainable Certification to any other company. On a personal note I would like to thank you for the great service that you provided to me personally during the whole process.

-Peter – Process Engineering Pty Ltd-

“I Would Highly Recommend Them!”

We put out for tenders to a number of different certification bodies and Sustainable came in at a competitive price, the main point of sale in selecting Sustainable was a reference through our consultant who knew both the elected auditor and our Sydney based Account Manager. The whole process ran smoothly and with access via the Sustainable website to a client profile hub it was easy to monitor our progress across the entire process, from selection of the certification body-to pre-audit-to final audit(s) (office and work site). Sustainable made available to us two-points of contact so if we ever had any queries or something to verify we were always able to speak with someone. This was our first attempt in gaining certification across various criteria, so I don’t have any experience with another certification body on which to base comparison. In saying this though I do recommend the services of Sustainable and will be happy to continue using them for the foreseeable future.

-Nikolai – Rotric Pty Ltd-