Transferring Your Certification

Effortless, seamless continuity. Sustainable Certification makes it easy to both maintain your existing certification and enjoy our world-class customer service. Many of our customers have already gone through the ordeal of meeting the requirements of an industry standard, only to find that their hard work hasn’t finished. Oftentimes clients will complain that working with their original certification agency was slow to respond, hard to contact and overall difficult and cumbersome to work with.

Agile, Efficient, Modern

At Sustainable Certification, we strive to do better. A progressive agency, we’ve built our entire service offering around transparency and a respect for the value of your time. Our transfer process is simple; just speak to one of our staff members or make an enquiry and we’ll arrange a meeting with one of our skilled, knowledgeable auditors who will explain the path forward. We simply require a copy of your current certificate, latest audit report, non-conformities raised and customer complaints. Some clients may require an on-site pre-assessment prior to completion of the transfer.
Our company understands the value of consistency, so we’ll attempt to avoid making any changes to your pre-existing audit schedule where possible, to ensure that any disruption is minimised and your business can effortlessly maintain your certification.

Benefits from our industry-leading service

Choosing Sustainable Certification means working with a company who understands yours. We know how fast-paced and globalised the market has become, and we respect the need for a fast, effective certification solution that doesn’t interfere with your core operations.
Deciding to work with our organisation means putting your business in the hands of professionals. We understand the pain points that businesses normally experience during the certification process – chaotic auditing schedules, spiralling travel costs, over-staffing of auditors – and have worked carefully to offer our clients an alternative. For example, if you’ve elected to pursue certification under an integrated management system, we’ll be able to provide a single auditor who can assess your business against all three standards. Don’t choose a company who will triple your travel expenses and your scheduling problems by sending one auditor for each standard, choose someone who respects you and your organisation and enquire with Sustainable Certification today.
Start a conversation with one of our consultants today by calling +61 3 9328 3844 or 1800 024 940, or email us your enquiry at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.